OPAL helps community-led housing groups vision, plan and build sustainable and affordable homes

What we do

OPAL works with partners to help achieve sustainable and affordable homes in four ways
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We help you work out you want for your community and what outcomes you want to create, and then we help you get the support you need for to make your project a reality.


We use the One Planet Living framework to work with you to produce a development brief and identify sites for your community. We help you fundraise, support you to work with professionals and navigate the planning process.


We support you as your homes are being built to ensure that the objectives of your project are delivered during the construction phase.


We help you to develop management and governance structures so you can live together and thrive as a successful community.

One Planet Affordable Living

A new approach for delivering community-led housing

One Planet Affordable Living is a new approach to delivering housing projects that are community-led, sustainable and truly affordable.

Developed by sustainability charity Bioregional, and architecture and design workers cooperative, Transition by Design, the OPAL approach gives you the skills you need to plan, design and build your own sustainable and affordable homes.

OPAL is a process. Built around the four phases of a housing development – Vision, Plan, Build and Live. We work closely with your group to give you the knowledge, ability and power to deliver your community-led housing project.

  • linked to incomes; not subject to Right-to-Buy

  • community control and ownership

  • creating sustainable communities

About us

We bring together practical expertise of developing new communities as architects, sustainability experts and developers, with a background of working alongside community groups.

Transition by Design

T/D is a cross-disciplinary design co-operative operating at the junction of architecture, strategic design and social change practice. Our work focuses on the transition to an equitable and convivial low-carbon society.


Bioregional champions a better, more sustainable way to live. We work with partners to create better places to live, work and do business so that everyone, everywhere can live happy, healthy lives within the natural limits of the planet. We call this One Planet Living.
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