March 6, 2017

Research aims

The aim of the OPAL project is to create a process for community-led housing that can be replicated at scale. The OPAL approach aims to challenge systemic issues to deliver truly affordable low-impact housing whilst engaging communities to lead and control the outcomes.

During the project we intend to:

  • Promote a radical and innovative alternative housing approach that decouples housing from our current economic system and provides a low-carbon solution for future generations
  • Challenge the government’s decision to repeal the Zero Carbon Homes policy by illustrating an alternative, environmentally high performing, low-carbon approach to housing design and construction
  • Enable citizens to determine the development of their communities by empowering them with information and support, creating resilient and cohesive neighbourhoods.

By working with community housing groups as part of the project we will develop and refine the OPAL approach. When we finish, we will have a toolkit and services which housing groups around the country can use as they wish.