Our Approach

The OPAL approach was designed during a two-year action-research project. We applied our existing expertise of how to design and build communities to the community-led housing sector

OPAL is a design-led approach, this means that during the research we identified the needs and challenges facing community-led housing groups and formulated some proposals for how we could help. We then tested these in practice and refined this over time. We will continue to do so as we work with more community-led housing groups.

Bioregional’s 10 One Planet Principles provide community-led housing groups with an easy to understand and communicate framework to vision, plan, build and live in their new community. These four phases are based on a traditional development process.

OPAL and the way we work combines our expertise in housing design and delivery, sustainability, affordability, and community-led housing governance.

What is One Planet Living?

One Planet Living was developed by Bioregional following the development of the award-winning BedZED eco-village.

The One Planet Living framework comprises ten easy-to-grasp principles and detailed Goals and Guidance. Together, these provide a clear, practical routemap to create a sustainability action plan for any housing project that can engage hearts as well as minds.

Bioregional's One Planet Principles
What is community-led housing?

Community-led housing is housing that is designed and managed by local people for their community’s benefit.

Types of community-led housing include:

  • Co-operatives
  • Community Land trusts
  • Cohousing
  • Self or custom-build projects
  • Self Help Housing

For more information on community-led housing visit Locality.