March 6, 2017

Our team

The OPAL project is a partnership between Transition by Design and Bioregional. The team is made up of Emily Auckland, Andy Edwards and Charlie Fisher.

Transition by Design (T/D) is a cross-disciplinary design co-op operating at the junction of architecture, strategic design and social change practice. Our work focuses on the transition to an equitable and convivial low-carbon society. We work best collaboratively with multiple partners and it is through this process that we believe the most relevant and creative responses are produced. Transition by Design brings an in-depth knowledge of alternative housing models, low impact design and community-led design processes.

Andy Edwards and Charlie Fisher are both co-directors at Transition by Design. Andy is leading the OPAL project from T/D’s side, Charlie is lead on model development and brings significant technical expertise and detailed knowledge of the community housing sector. You can reach us at, andy[at], or charlie[at]

Bioregional champions a better, more sustainable way to live. We work with partners to create better places for people to live, work and do business. Bioregional bring over 20 years delivering practical and innovative environmental solutions. Bioregional and its partners have developed an holistic environmental framework called One Planet Living.  One Planet Living uses ecological footprinting and carbon footprinting as its headline indicators.  It is based on ten guiding principles of sustainability and is integral to the OPAL Approach.

Emily Auckland is Development & Policy Manager at Bioregional and leads the OPAL project from Bioregional’s side. You can contact her directly at, emily.auckland[at]