What we do

OPAL helps community housing groups plan, design and build sustainable and affordable homes

OPAL is a process. Built around the four phases of a housing development – Vision, Plan, Build and Live. We work closely with your group to give you the knowledge, ability and power to deliver your community-led housing project.

Our services help your group to navigate the development process. We structure our support around the One Planet Living framework, providing you with a simple and accessible method for defining your brief, planning the details and organising your group. By using One Planet Living, we help you guarantee that your new community creates happy, healthy lifestyles within the natural limits of the planet.


Using the One Planet Living framework, we help you shape an ambitious but achievable vision for your project and equip you with the skills and tools you need to get it off the ground


We help you prepare a development brief for your project and identify sites for your community. We help you to prioritise your decision-making, support you to work with professionals and guide you through the planning process.


We support you as your homes are being built to ensure that the objectives of your project are delivered during the construction phase.


We help you to develop management and governance systems, so you can live together as a successful community-led housing group.